The Department of English Education, Faculty of Education, has remained a premier centre for producing trained English language teachers, researchers, and teacher educators. The Department offers a Master’s Degree in English Education.  The department offers courses in a wide range of areas such as applied linguistics, ELT pedagogy and materials, sociolinguistics, phonetics and phonology, English usage and use (including theories of grammar), SLA, language testing, dimensions of teacher development, critical discourse analysis and research methodology in English Education. Through teaching, research and related academic activities, this department serves the needs of students, wishing to pursue an M.Ed. degree in English Education, from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds from all over the country.

With the introduction of the New Education System Plan (NESP) in 1971, major departures were experienced in the structure and focus of Nepali education system. One of the changes was seen in English language teaching. Until 1971, secondary-level English language teachers were provided with two-semester training courses. English Language Teaching Centre was instituted under the Secondary Education Division, Ministry of Education for this purpose. The centre offered two types of Bachelor’s degree programmes: a) Four Year’s Bachelor’s Degree, and b) One Year’s Bachelor’s Degree. The centre merged into the English Education Department of the College of Education, which was established in 1956.

The Master’s programme (M. Ed. English) was introduced in 1976. The Department then was known as English Instruction Committee, headed by late Chandra Bir Singh Kansakar. Again English Instruction Committee was merged with Nepali Instruction Committee and renamed Central Department of Language Arts. After about a decade again these two were separated, and the Department of English Education came into existence.