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The Department of English Education, Faculty of Education, has remained a premier centre for producing trained English language teachers, researchers, and teacher educators. The Department offers a Master’s Degree in English Education.  The department offers courses in a wide range of areas such as applied linguistics, ELT pedagogy and materials, sociolinguistics, phonetics and phonology, English usage and use (including theories of grammar), SLA, language testing, dimensions of teacher development, critical discourse analysis and research methodology in English Education. Through teaching, research and related academic activities, this department serves the needs of students, wishing to pursue an M.Ed. degree in English Education, from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds from all over the country. With the introduction of the New Education System Plan (NESP) in 1971, major departures were experienced in the structure and focus of Nepali education system.

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Message from the Head of the Department

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you all in our website. The Department of English Education is one of the leading Departments under the central Department of Education, Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Nepal. The Department has an aim to create a wonderful space for learning English to the young, energetic and inspired English language practitioners of the country. It is always keen to sponsor opportunities for the inspiring teachers of future who have graduation in English language education. It runs master degree program in semester system following the norms and standard of the University. The Department has been established to provide enhanced access to the master level learners of English language education by offering spaces of learning, researching, sharing and presenting ideas in the forum of English language practitioners. The Department takes initiatives for developing the sound proficiency in written and spoken English of the students who wish to pursue English language education in friendly, supportive and affordable manner.

It is always a privilege of the Department to help students equip with knowledge, skills, competencies, abilities and overall development in order to enhance their expertise in English language teaching and in the diverse issues of Applied Linguistics. The entire family of the Department is committed to engage the students in academic or knowledge generating activities including project works, seminars, workshops, writing academic articles and having presentation in the international conference. The Department organizes an international conference in ELT and Applied Linguistics in yearly basis and publishes a research based NEPJOL Indexed Journal comprising the issue-based research articles on the domains of ELT and Applied Linguistics from home and abroad.

The Department will make all efforts to reach to all the stakeholders of education in general and English language education in particular, for enhancing opportunities for learning and professional development by ensuring quality in curricular activities, student support system and innovative approaches in teaching. As the Head of the Department, I put on every effort to offer quality in deliberations and transformation in learning to develop personality and professional strengths of our graduates. We are dedicated to develop our students capable of taking initiatives for change.

Personally, I believe that ‘the best preparation for tomorrow is doing our best today’. So, I shoulder the responsibility to support our graduates by creating an apt avenue to continue their learning.  We, indeed, would like to ensure in providing opportunities for continuous professional development. We encourage and support each student to achieve their personal best, to be self-aware, enquiring and resourceful and a potential individual with an independent mind. So, I am sure that you will cherish the days of learning with us.

I admit that the Department could serve best to develop an integrated and balanced personality of the students besides the requisite professional training. I welcome you all to join this Department for learning English in advance, developing professional skills required to be an English language teacher, enhancing quality research and publications, and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship. I will take it as a great pleasure to welcome you as a member of the Department.


Associate Prof. Gopal Prasad Pandey, PhD

Dr. Gopal Prasad Pandey